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Twitter Abandons European Union’s Code to Combat Disinformation

In a significant turn of events, Twitter has pulled out of the European Union’s voluntary code aimed at combating disinformation.

Leaked Details and Speculations: Google Pixel 8 Pro

The Google Pixel series, launched in 2016, has been a significant player in the Android smartphone landscape, marking itself as

Linda Yaccarino Appointed as New Twitter CEO by Elon Musk

According to multiple sources, Elon Musk has appointed Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter. Yaccarino, previously the Chairman

Google I/O Developer Conference 2023: A Comprehensive Overview

As a leading force in the tech industry, Google significantly impacts how we live, work, and communicate. The Google I/O

British Hacker Pleads Guilty to 2020 Twitter Hack, Faces 70+ Years in Prison

British hacker Joseph O’Connor, also known as PlugwalkJoe, has pleaded guilty to his role in the 2020 Twitter hack, facing



Lazerpay, a Nigerian crypto start-up shuts down

Lazerpay, a web3 and cryptocurrency payment provider, is closing. The startup’s founder, Njoku Emmanuel, disclosed that it was experiencing problems


FTX said it lost $415 million in cryptocurrency cyber attack

A significant amount of the identified assets the bankrupt cryptocurrency firm FTX is attempting to recover were stolen from the


Bitcoin increases to its Peak Point in a month, crossing $18,000

Bitcoin today, Thursday 12 2023, soared to its highest bid in almost a month as traders banked on a slowdown