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From ELIZA to Generative AI

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed

Taking a Deeper Dive into Instagram’s “Threads” App

The rapid evolution of the social media landscape never ceases to astonish, with each year ushering in innovative platforms that

The NYPD is Testing Public Safety Alert Drones that broadcast emergencies

As cities across the globe increasingly embrace technology for public safety initiatives, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) isn’t

Google’s Med AI chatbot is already being tested in hospitals

The healthcare sector is on the brink of a significant paradigm shift, with Google’s medical AI chatbot, ‘Med Palm-2′, at

Glade’s $214,000 Hack: Fintech’s Cybersecurity Warning

Glade, a Techstars-backed fintech startup in Nigeria, has been hit by a massive internal hack that resulted in a loss



Lazerpay, a Nigerian crypto start-up shuts down

Lazerpay, a web3 and cryptocurrency payment provider, is closing. The startup’s founder, Njoku Emmanuel, disclosed that it was experiencing problems


FTX said it lost $415 million in cryptocurrency cyber attack

A significant amount of the identified assets the bankrupt cryptocurrency firm FTX is attempting to recover were stolen from the


Bitcoin increases to its Peak Point in a month, crossing $18,000

Bitcoin today, Thursday 12 2023, soared to its highest bid in almost a month as traders banked on a slowdown