Mercedes Benz unveils its all new 2022 EQS Electric Vehicle

When it comes to cars, Mercedes Benz has always owned everyone’s hearts. Several people take pride in driving older models of the brand, thanks to Mercedes’ calibre.
Recently, the German Automotive company hopped on the EV trends and this time, they came in with the title EQ (which means Electric Intelligence that is EQ instead of IQ). As the company already has a strong reputation for delivering luxury, their EQs have gradually gained traction in people’s minds.
In the spring of 2020, the first-ever Mercedes EQC was announced to hit the market but did not. Mercedes Benz however, came back bigger and better this time with their 2022 Mercedes EQS – the first Mercedes EV to come to the United States.

The EQS will arrive in two variants: The EQS 450+ with 245 kW and the EQS 580 4matic with 385 kW.

Mercedes, in the tradition of electric vehicles, created a whole different platform that would be compatible with all of its electric vehicles. This one platform is highly scalable as it allows them to make the EQs bigger, smaller, wider or narrower, basically, however, they want.

The EQS is a large luxury sedan that came with an interior that told other EV brands to “do more”.

Designers started with an all-new architecture and since it doesn’t have to have a big engine at the front or a transmission tunnel, they had the liberty to play with the shapes of the car. 
The vehicles are designed in a carbon-neutral manner and with recycled materials such as yarn used in the design of the carpets.

In the next 20 years, Mercedes Benz hopes to offer a carbon neutral new car fleet as a part of its ambition 2039.
These are some of the clever and intelligent Mercedes EQV’s features:

Design and Architecture 

The EQS has a shorter hood than most big sedans and this caused it to have a spacious cabin with an over-the-rainbow shape. It has a self-closing door that automatically closes when you put your foot on the brakes, A hyper screen that covers all of its dashes. Yes, the biggest screen you would get in any luxury vehicle. It also has Floating stars in the grill, sparkly wheels, and neat class light signatures.  Everybody in this car gets a massage chair as well as a lot of screens: a screen for the passenger, a screen in the centre, and a 56-inch touchscreen dash for the driver.


The backseat of the Mercedes Benz EQS is a VIP session as it is spacious, offers wireless charging and different screens that allow a certain amount of control. Another reason why the Mercedes Benz EQS deserves the intelligent machine title is that it has this Knox system that would help you remember anything you want it to, including taking notes of your schedule. The fingerprint sensor and face recognition system for owners security and information protection makes the Mercedes Benz EQS not just a car but another smart accessory.


Battery and Range

The Mercedes Benz EQS is designed to run 300 miles with 15 minutes of charging. At a fast-charging station, you can get a full charge in about 30 minutes. The EQS comes with batteries has a usable energy content of 107.8 kWh, 26% times more than its predecessor, the EQC.



The Mercedes Benz EQS is scheduled to go on sale by the fall of 2021 in the United States. The cost for any variant of the car is reportedly estimated, between $110,000 and $185,000.


Now the question is, what Electric Vehicle (EV) would you spend your $110,000 on? Tesla S, Audi Estrin GT, Porsche Taycan or the Mercedes EQS.

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