Telegram surpasses 1 billion downloads

According to reports by sensor tower, Telegram, a Dubai-based instant messaging service that was released in late 2013, has been downloaded over 1 billion times worldwide. It’s worth noting that the number of downloads does not equal the number of active users. As of early this year, Telegram had over 500 million monthly active users.

However, the substantial increase in downloads, which could be due to WhatsApp’s mismanagement of communicating its privacy restrictions to its massive user base, suggests that Telegram has gotten some attention.

Telegram’s largest market, like that of its main competitor, WhatsApp, is India. The second-largest internet market in the world accounts for roughly 22% of all lifetime installs. While the app received 10% and 8% of its total installs, respectively from Russia and Indonesia. Telegram also added new features such as group video calls, screen sharing with sound, and an improved voice chat experience, all of which helped to attract new users.

On Friday, August 27, Telegram became the first app to reach a billion downloads worldwide. Telegram’s rival WhatsApp, as well as Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, and Netflix, are all on the list. According to Sensor Tower, Telegram had 214.7 million installs in the first half of 2021, which was up by 61% from the 133 million reported in 2020.

“By focusing on privacy, Telegram has been able to carve out its niche in what is still a crowded mobile messaging industry,” said Craig Chapple, Mobile Insights Strategist, EMEA, Sensor Tower.



What Are The Key Reasons Behind The Growing Success Of Telegram?

1. The poor perception of WhatsApp among users is one of the main reasons for Telegram’s growing popularity. It reached new heights with the release of the Facebook-owned platform’s privacy policy modification, which was published in early 2021 to begin luring businesses and assisting parent company subsidiaries.

In the middle of WhatsApp’s privacy controversy, Telegram and its competitor Signal were able to add millions of new users. The co-founder of Telegram, Pável Durov stated that the company has attracted 25 million new users within three days after WhatsApp updated its privacy policies.


Drov said that the major attractiveness of his program is precisely the weak point of WhatsApp in a remark posted on his official Telegram channel in January 2021. “I heard Facebook has a whole division dedicated to figuring out why Telegram is so successful. Consider a team of dozens of full-time people working on it. “I am delighted to have saved Facebook tens of millions of dollars by sharing our secret: respect for its users.”

He added that “Millions of people are furious by the new change in WhatsApp rules, which now require users to surrender all of their private data to Facebook’s ad engine.” He also stated that Telegram has been using open source since its inception in 2013 and that all of its discussions are encrypted. “We have end-to-end secret chats and cloud chats with real-time security and cloud storage.

He also stated that Telegram has been using open source since its inception in 2013 and that all of its discussions are encrypted. “We have end-to-end secret chats and cloud chats with real-time security and cloud storage.

Finally, Drov stated that in 2019, “Facebook spent about 10 billion dollars on marketing.” Telegram, on the other hand, “does not spend money” in that area. “We believe that people are intelligent enough to make the best decisions for themselves. And, judging by the 500 million people who use Telegram, this belief is justified.”

2.    Infinite Storage On The Server

Telegram provides unlimited storage. This means that all of your text messages, media files, and documents will be saved in their cloud. You may log out and back in as many times as you want from as many devices as you want without losing data, and there are no backups or restores to worry about.

Looking at the active sessions will show you which devices you’re currently logged into. As a result, you can download any file at any time from any location. You can submit a single file up to 2GB in size, and you can also upload an unlimited number of files.


3.    Several Sessions

Telegram users can sign in with numerous devices at the same time and get messages on all of them. They can keep track of their sessions across all platforms, including browsers. Messages can be saved in the draft as well. Assume a user is attempting to send a message to another user, and has finished typing a long text but decided to send it later. The draft message will be synced across all of your devices, and you will be able to send it from any of them.’’


4.    Private Conversation (Secret Chat)

Secret chat is an end-to-end encrypted conversation in which a self-destruct timer can be set. When the timer expires, the messages will be automatically removed. It may not be able to hack in any way.

5.    The Ability To Enter A Pseudonym

Telegram allows you to communicate with anyone, even if you don’t have their phone number. This protects the user’s phone number from prying eyes. You may keep sending group chats without giving your phone number.

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