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AppBoxo raises $7m to turn any App into a Super Apps

AppBoxo is an app that provides developers with tools to make dynamic, perform and customised mini apps, which allows various users to launch MiniApps inside other apps instantly without using app stores or web browsers. It also has an app called AppBoxo Showroom which is an app for mini-apps, in which app developers can quickly deploy mini-apps to increase the utility of their apps and to enhance users’ experience.

This Miniapp program which runs within a larger app, serves as an additional source of user engagement and revenue. The decision made by AppBoxo is to level the playing field for start-up Platforms lets developers turn their apps into super apps, either by creating their mini-apps or accessing them through AppBoxo Showroom (A marketplace for third-party developers).

AppBoxo early today announced that $ 7 million had been raised, funding led by RTP Global, other participants including investors like Antler and 500 Southeast Asia, including new backs like SciFi VC, Gradient venture (Google’s AI – Focused venture fund) and angle investors Huey Lin and Kayvon Deldar. AppBoxo, whose clients are Paytimes, Vodapay and G-Cash, are all enjoying the privilege that the app has created.

Kaniyet Rayev, Founded AppBoxo in 2019, and its CEO and CFO Nutsultan Kaneshbekov. Sometime in December 2020, it announced its seed funding and ever since then, the company is now used by 10 super apps across Southeast Asia, India, and South Africa are in charge of more than 400 mini-app integration. Most of these apps are built by third-party developers, which according to AppBoxo, have a combined base of more than 500 million users.

The company’s main product is a SaaS Platform with SDKs and Apis for building and launching mini-apps. Examples are mobile wallets that integrate mini-apps for shopping and Restaurant reservation.

ShopBoxo is a mini-app under AppBoxo which kick-started about a year ago, in ShopBoxo, this app helps businesses to customise their online store through a mobile device in less than 30 seconds, and any other mini apps created by ShopBoxo can also be turned into a Super app through AppBoxo.

“Being able to reach a broader merchant base of SMEs will scale the various members of miniapps into thousands this year since AppBoxo client uses its platform mainly for E-commerce” – Kaniyet Rayev.

It is revealed that Financial Super apps want to diversify into new verticals, and in the current landscape, E-commerce looks like the most glaring opportunity and more achievable.

Kaniyet Rayev Revealed that AppBoxo’s new funding would be used to develop ShopBoxo more, expand its horizon to its merchant ecosystem, and build out its international presence. Before entering Europe and the United States, he stated that he would focus more on start-ups in the Asia Pacific region, where super apps are mainly dominant.

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