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Instagram new chronological feed: A perfect definitions of what a feed should look like

Exciting news from Instagram as it announces adding a new feed-filtering option that automatically changes how the main feeds operate and gives its users more control over their feeds. The app is bringing back the much-awaited reverse Chronological order as it calls the two new feed options “Following and Favourite” which has been designed to give more choice and control over what they see.

When using the app, it lets you avoid suggested posts and Algorithm sorting based on who you are, and what the app thinks you like. The new Instagram description for the following feed is quite a unique feature that allows you to see the latest post from accounts that you follow, whenever they make a post, as this comes in handy, and is quite nice to the social media platform. Making the main feeds even less linear and also detailing the favourite feeds in its announcement, basically accommodating over 50 accounts, which will be able to start up, making posts available in your main feeds.

Another fascinating thing about this is that you will also be able to view posts in a separate “Favourite Feed” which the app says will commence with the most Favourite post. Adam Mosseri who is the Instagram head has revealed in a press release by announcing the changes. According to Adam, “Over time, we are going to add more recommendations to your feed based on your interest,” Which seems like the main default feed is going to start having more content from people they are not following. 

One of the complaints been levied is that a lot of people have had this with the most recent version of the feed. As long as the following feed is visible, that is enough if it will bring in more posts so as to tap to get what an individual wants when looking out for something on Instagram, then it’s worth it. So long the Chronological feed is still very visible. Adam Mosseri also added that these modes have been in work for a while hinting that he had talked about it sometime last year. Ascertaining that some users also have gotten to test it. Instagram has also made mention of these modes coming on Twitter, and now it is finally at the reach of everyone to get any of the alternative feeds, by tapping on the Instagram logo in the top left corner when you are in the home tab bask in the Chronological Euphoria.


Its sorting option serves as an additional choice with the standard “Home” Algorithm Feed.

The new option is called “Favourite” which gives you the opportunity to access up to 50 accounts and view their post in a dedicated Chronological feed.

It enables you carefully sort most feeds in a Chronological order which is also an option and brings you to the “Following” feed which outlines the post of everyone you are following directly in the primary tab of your Instagram app.

This is simply an Instagram way of offering a simpler way for an individual to view feeds in a Chronological reverse way. 

Here are steps to follow to change the Instagram feed to a Chronological reverse order:

  1. Ensure you go to the upper left corner of the all which is next to the logo.
  2. You will observe the tiny inverted caret.
  3. Click on the area and the toggle between the two new feeds which are “Following and Favourite. 

With this new development, Instagram is rolling out the new home screen view change. Planning to also roll out the final version of its Chronological feed option in the first half of 2022. With this, the app is making a good move on the promises that had been stated by introducing the Chronological feeds, which has changed the core feed experience work.


Instagram was known to have switched to Algorithm feedback in 2016, a year when the main company Facebook is now known as META stated that the app would be in his next advert cash cow. With this, the app found a way to aggressively interspace more adverts that still tops thereby upgrading its Chronological picture space. Now in this era, the evolution of the Chronological feed is just to excite its users, but it is an opportunity for everyone who uses the app, and it is also a smart move of how Facebook (META) only enact common changes in order to ensure its app is reliable, safer and better for its users, but only under duress from either a bad press or looming or intending situation. It is said that lawmakers in the US are particular about the dangers of media Algorithms and have proceeded to propose legislation that would push Platforms to give users more choices and options enabling fairness openness on how this Algorithm ranks content.

A bill guiding and protecting the Americans from Algorithm act suspends section 230 liability protection from all like Instagram when Algorithm is used. They believe that it “Amplifies misinformation that can lead to offline violence. The flitter bubbles transparency bill is another activity that also requires the platform to include a toggle that permits users to disable Algorithm recommendations.

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