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Elon Musk set to compete with other telecoms in Nigeria and Mozambique

Starlink is a broadband internet system created to help consumers in villages with low internet access across the continent. This helps deliver fast internet via satellites to rural areas. Starlink to provide internet services to Nigerians. The internet space is dominated by telecoms giants like MTN AND AIRTEL, as well as other individual ISPS such as Spectranet, SMILE and others.

Elon Musk the billionaire tech entrepreneur announced via tweet on Friday that Starlink, the satellite internet service launched by Space X, his space exploration company has now been approved to provide internet services in Nigeria and Mozambique. He also stated that the Starlink will go global and that it’s legally approved to deliver and serve”. The company received two licences, the international Gateway licence and ISP internet service provider licence, thereby they will trade as Starlink Internet Services Nig Ltd. The Gateway licence will last for 10 years whilst the ISP licence is for 5years as said by NCC, both licences will take effect this month of May 2022 and will always be renewed as at when due.

However, NCC is yet to confirm due to no response from the commission, but from the source, there will be an official statement when the deal is approved for both licences. Elon Musk, via his social media handle, Twitter precisely has said that NCC had confirmed and approved both licences.

Starlink is in about 30 countries where it’s been approved to provide internet services. With this service in Nigeria, it will ably help rural areas to enjoy internet services. The approval was confirmed by the Nigerian communication commission in a statement where it was said that the service had received two licences to begin operations in the country. Their operation begins in May 2022, and the international Gateway and ISP licences have 10 and 5 years tenure respectively.


Starlink will provide high-speed internet access, and enable online gaming, streaming, video calls, and other activities that have not been in use with satellite internet. As of May last year, Starlink market access Director for Africa, Ray Goodnight alongside Space X consultant, Levin Born paid a visit to the NCC and obtained the licence to operate in the country. This will also help in economic growth which will bring about employment for youths in the country. Also, secure Broadcasting, Data and OU services over Azerspace 1 and 2, satellites users also have the option to take Starlink with them via the portability feature.

Starlink in Nigeria will change the telecoms market to a new level, which will give rise to competition amongst telecommunications service providers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The telecommunication sector will all battle to stay at the top and source more customers. They will all set a standard and ensure customer satisfaction, who are already subscribers of other ISPs. With the ISP licence, Starlink will be up in their game to compete with top ISPs in Nigeria to gain market trust, since other Mobile Network operators, already have large consumers in the country.

Though Starlink has an upper hand in that they will be providing its services via satellites, which are accessible everywhere. ISPs will all battle to gain their consumer’s trust hence forcing the reduction of prices. Starlink’s entry into Nigeria is good for a competitive market; this will enhance the quest for better services for subscribers.

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