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How Dell Technologies is leveraging technology to strengthen critical sectors

Recently in a meeting, Dell Technologies requested the presence of several companies that are into defence, security, and drone management. These companies include SpaceFields, Cratandraqx Aerospace, and UrbanMatrix. The meeting was held in the Dell Technologies office in Bengaluru where the company presented its product portfolio with safe appliances and additional technical support services for startups.

The Dell Technology team emphasised how their HPC (High-Performance Computing), customized equipment, and other various solutions. A retired Navy Commander named Ajit George gave a highlight how Dell Technologies have influenced several fields such as autonomous systems, digital twins, and digital surveillance. They also implemented enterprise appliances specifically made for security purposes. The capability of Dell Technologies Original Equipment Manufacturer is listed below:

  1. rebranding the entire appliance in accordance with the customer’s strengths and products.
  2. offering durability and stability in their appliances to stand out among competitors in the market.
  3. ensuring that the necessary certifications and regulatory compliances for Dell Technologies’ offerings are met ahead of time to accelerate the companies’ processes for obtaining certifications and security clearances for their products.

The Dell Technologies team explained how High-Performance Computing can be a great advantage to yield companies’ desires, optimize AI to conduct surveillance, and obtain satellite images.

To achieve the following, the team proposed that they will be offering a hybrid cloud solution to ensure they can figure out an approach on a public cloud without bargaining agility, scalability, and data integrity, which is very necessary for customers working in the fields Dell team is trying to focus on i.e. defence, aerospace, maritime and security. This will help companies without structured data in having structured data and compile it across different workloads, and run data analytics to deduct meaning to make data-driven decisions.

The Dell team decided to elaborate on unstructured data further, and they provided an overview of their solution stack under Unstructured Data Services (UDS), which works on edge core and cloud across industries such as entertainment, healthcare, automotive, financial services, and others.

Dell Technologies provided migration support for many years with different models which include buy-at-once and data storage as a service. Dell collaborated with other independent software vendors to package its services to meet the needs of various businesses. Dell provides three types of data storage services: size-driven storage, all-flash series for high-performance computing, and hybrid for size and performance.

The advantages of each package were discussed by the Dell team which are listed below:

  1. Can scale up to several petabytes to meet changing business and scaling requirements.
  2. Architecture based on nodes
  3. Auto Balance: A smart scale-out cluster ensures that there are no hot spots. 
  4. A resilient system can withstand multiple node failures with no data loss. Effective systems for in-line data reduction
  5. DevOps prepared

Dell Technologies has partnered with Superna Ransomware Defender to come up with a strategy to roll out products that will protect companies from cyber-attacks not only that, their PowerScale Cyber Protection Solution is a solution that detects real-time threats, and recover data that will be useful for a government organization and other agencies to protect highly sensitive data. 

Finally, The team concludes that Dell Technologies’ product portfolio assists companies, particularly those in the defence, aerospace, and maritime sectors, in consolidating their data and creating a data store, removing complexities, and providing cyber resiliency, data security, and simplicity. Make the most of what Dell for Startups has to offer if you want to scale 

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