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The Famous Twitter Hacker, Lea Kissner Resigned Under New Boss

A few days after Twitter laid off the majority of its workforce some top executives resigned. The famous hacker who was working as the Chief Information Security Officer recently announced his resignation yesterday Thursday. Leaving the role at this crucial point in the company will cause turmoil.

The famous hacker named Lea Kissner, the ex-CISO took his Twitter and tweeted “I made a tough decision to leave Twitter, I had an opportunity to work with amazing teams and I’m proud of different teams I got involved with and the work we pulled off”, he didn’t state the reason of his resignation.

Another top executive Yoel Roth, head of Integrity and Safety resigned the same day. Recently Roth joined the space as a public voice when Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he explained the concerns about the social media platform’s handling of harmful content. He went further defending many changes that were executed.

Earlier before that day, a Twitter employee wrote in a slack message that Elon Musk’s main priority is “retrieving the losses as a result of not getting out of his binding obligation to buy Twitter.” The employee also emphasized that Musk is focused on monetizing the platform by all means which may negatively affect users including human rights activists among many others. It can go as far as jeopardizing Twitter employees. The employee claimed to have eavesdropped when Musk was having a conversation with his attorney saying “Elon Musk puts rockets to space, he is not afraid of the FTC. We are continually having a conversation with them to make sure we are in compliance”.

A representative from FTC stated that they are tracking the developments in the Twitter company. He said “No CEO is above the law each company must follow the decrees declared by FTC. Over time, Twitter has settled with the agency over privacy violations and faces allegations from his Ex-Head of Security that the company under the Ex-CEO Parag Agrawal had violated the FTC obligation. If this is proven, the Ex-CEO will face huge consequences of fines and personal liability.

Furthermore, Twitter plans to dissolve FTC compliance responsibilities to individual workers left at the company.

by Bamidele Israel

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