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SMS two-factor authentication on twitter will now cost money

Twitter has stated that effective March 20, only Twitter Blue subscribers can use SMS two-factor authentication. As a result, users who utilise SMS messages to encrypt their accounts will no longer have that extra layer of protection unless they switch to another method or sign up for Twitter’s subscription service. The change happened after the microblogging service revealed that its API would have a paywall.

In contrast to passwords, two-factor authentication adds an extra degree of protection by demanding two different forms of identity to log in. In addition to the password, the platform now requires an SMS-delivered authentication code to log in. Even if the password is taken, this keeps the account secure.

Last week, Twitter announced that it would no longer let accounts sign up for the text message/SMS type of two-factor authentication unless they are Twitter Blue users. According to the business, this is being done because 2FA “may be exploited – and abused” by evil people.

Two-factor authentication can still be used with an authentication app or a security key even while the SMS authentication method is being paywalled. We recommend using an authentication app or security key approach instead for non-Twitter Blue subscribers. 

According to the blog post, these procedures ensure your account is secure and call for you to possess the authentication mechanism physically.

How to activate Twitter 2FA without purchasing Blue

Installing an app like Google Authenticator is necessary for the authentication app technique. By launching the Twitter app and going to Settings > Security and account access > Security > Two-factor authentication, users of Twitter can enable two-factor authentication. Three alternatives are presented to them here: Security key, Authentication app, and SMS message.

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