Big price reductions for Meta’s VR headsets have been announced

According to a Friday announcement from Meta, the cost of its premium Quest Pro and Quest 2 headsets would be reduced. The 256GB Meta Quest 2 will now cost $429.99 (196,075.44 Nigerian Naira) rather than $499.99. (227,995.44 Nigerian Naira) in addition to being priced at $999.99 (455,995.44 Nigerian Naira) rather than $1,499.99 for the more advanced Meta Quest Pro (683,995.44 Nigerian Naira).

In its Reality Labs division, Meta lost $13.7 billion in 2022. The company’s ambitious metaverse technologies are a product of that business unit. Sales of Quest headgear contributed to Reality Labs’ revenue of $727 million in the fourth quarter and $2.16 billion overall in 2022, down from $2.27 billion in 2021.

2022 saw Reality Labs suffer a $13.7 billion loss for Meta. That department is in charge of creating the ambitious metaverse technology that the company is pursuing. Despite being released in October, the Meta Quest Pro needed to be in the financial range of most customers. A clear professional use case also did not appear to exist. It might appeal to both audiences more due to the decreased pricing.

The business stated in a release that “our objective has always been to produce technology that’s affordable for as many people as possible to take benefit of all that VR has to offer. On March 5, the new Meta Quest 2 prices will be implemented gradually.

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