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Microsoft’s new Copilot will fundamentally change Office documents

Microsoft 365, the company’s most popular work program, is getting the technology that powers ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) system that has received the most attention around the globe.

The program, which Microsoft calls Copilot, will reportedly be integrated into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Vijay Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, said it will “fundamentally change the way we work.” Although, Microsoft acknowledged that Copilot might occasionally err.

Copilot performs the following duties:

  • Providing summaries for anyone who enters late or misses the entire conversation by summarising the important points discussed during a meeting using the Program Team.
  • using prompts to create PowerPoint slideshows with photos
  • composing emails
  • examining lengthy email and document chains
  • Making data synthesis and graphs with Excel spreadsheets

Chat GPT has attracted attention due to its fast delivery of human-like answers to inquiries, even those extremely difficult or esoteric. These responses, nevertheless, can give incorrect or entirely made-up information. Even while Microsoft’s technology for Office365 isn’t just ChatGPT, it uses the same approach to language learning.

Copilot may occasionally be “usefully inaccurate,” the company conceded.

“Although 80% of our time is spent on hectic work that drains us, we all wish to concentrate on the 20% of our truly important job. Copilot eases the burden, “the statement from the tech behemoth.

Details about the roll-out have not yet been disclosed.

OpenAI released GPT4, an upgraded version of the model that drives ChatGPT, on Tuesday. Microsoft has made significant financial commitments to the company.

OpenAI said that ChatGPT’s “reasoning skills” were “less advanced” than GPT4 but cautioned that GPT4 might still be prone to spreading misinformation. The leader in the global AI chatbot field is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT may pose a danger to Google’s wealthy search business; therefore, the company has introduced a rival named Bard.

Blenderbot, a chatbot developed by Meta, and Wenxin Yiyan, a chatbot developed by Chinese internet giant Baidu, are both examples of chatbots. This marks a critical turning point for generational AI and, more importantly, the workplace. Adding ChatGPT’s capabilities to the widely used Word, Excel, and PowerPoint work programs—possibly the most popular ones in most offices—places it squarely in the daily lives of millions of employees.

I know that individuals have used ChatGPT to assist them in their work, including writing speeches, computer code, and website text. Students are using it to assist them with their assignments.

Anyone who has heard the phrase “death by PowerPoint” will find watching a demonstration of it quickly constructing a stylish PowerPoint presentation quite touching.

Microsoft contends that this gives you more time to work on other projects. But what if Copilot also outperforms you one day in achieving those goals?

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