3 Ways To Get Free Cryptocurrency

If you were told that there was free money somewhere, would you believe it?

Whether or not you do, the truth is that there is free money. Now imagine getting free money that would possibly grow….

In almost every digital transaction we carry out, there’s always some free cents we do not pay attention to because we believe it is really small – The frequent coupons, referral bonuses on apps and discounts on products are just a few of the ways we get free coins into our hands.

Beyond that, there are free cryptocurrencies as well and it is no news that cryptocurrency value grows with time. So what better way to get rich if not to take advantage of the little investments available.

Today, due to the evident rise in the value of cryptocurrencies, many developers are creating and putting out lots of decentralized blockchain currencies with the hope that they could be accepted and get as popular as Bitcoin and the likes.

In this regard, to further boost their popularities, they help regular people amass these cryptocurrencies not with money but by their engagements on contents and websites they have created.

For example, platforms like honestpublishOx and steemlt helped push the popularities of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, hydro, stablecoin, and BTCH by rewarding their content creators with cryptocurrencies instead of money on every click and engagement they cause the internet to enjoy off the content they put out.

Now, many blockchain companies like stellar and sandbox have adopted this marketing method. They do this because when the number of owners of these Cryptocurrency increases, the market capitalization and trade volume increases as well. As such, whoever is convinced to own that Cryptocurrency by seeing the numbers would then have to buy.

This means that you can get a chance to tap in as well and the most you may have to give up to partake in these free-Cryptocurrency-giving activities is your time and internet.


Ways To Buy Cryptocurrency For Free

Hearing that there’s something to buy for Free is weird but we’ll show you how you can do that for cryptocurrencies.

1.  Pay To Click (PTC) Websites

Today, there are lots of Pay To click websites and although they might seem like a lot of work, it is a lot of work that you can do anywhere and at any time. The idea is to stay consistent.

Here are a few of these PTC websites:

Bitcoin Barrel: There are many unknown sources of gathering these cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin barrel would show you how to do that by linking you up to them. Bitcoin barrel is a site dedicated to giving you information on the latest games that you can play and then get a certain amount of bitcoin. By signing up, you would be constantly informed on the newest free bitcoin gaining activity.

Market cap: On the market cap, you can get free cryptocurrencies by carrying out fun activities on their website. These activities are- watching videos and answering questions based on the videos you have watched (in form of a quiz). The type of Cryptocurrencies you are awarded includes CKB, LUNA, 1INCH, GRT, SAND, OXT, GAVA worth and BAND which are worth almost $1 today.

Gramfree: Gramfree is a TON blockchain platform that awards users with Gram Cryptocurrency. By watching videos, referrals and taking certain smart contracts on the site, you can collect grams that are worth $0.0000422 Per Unit today. The plus side to this platform is that you can make withdrawals once you have made about 500 grams on the website. You can follow this link to get started.

2.  Through Crypto Airdrops

Getting started with airdrops is one of the easiest ways to make free cryptocurrencies. These airdrops are marketing strategies used by new and growing cryptocurrencies to get popular. By following the instructions on setting up your wallet properly and helping these new blockchain platforms share information on the new cryptocurrencies, you stand on the chance of getting a number of free tokens which equals a certain unit of stellar, byteball or linen Cryptocurrency depending on the wallets you have created.

When you airdrop these free cryptocurrencies you can choose to sell whenever you want. Airdrop alert is one of such platforms that gives you information on free crypto airdrops that are available.

3.  Writing About Cryptocurrencies

Many already have a knack for it and if Channelled properly, writing about these cryptocurrencies can pay off. Why? Because Many blockchain companies are looking for people who can sell their products through convincing content.

So, writing for crypto companies is a way of getting rewarded with whatever Cryptocurrency they mind which would eventually become extra valuable for you.

You could start now to write posts on some cryptocurrencies you have studied and that would serve as a reference point for such companies looking to hire crypto writers. 

You could also take freelance jobs that would let you write and blog for payments in cryptocurrencies. Examples of websites that allow you to do this are Cryptocurrencyjobsfreelance for coins and ethlance

Now you see that it’s not that hard after all. All you need is the resolve and determination to chase it consistently and who knows, you may be the next Kristoffer Koch.

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