Trezor Crypto wallet users targeted in Newsletter phishing attack, company issues warning

Trezor is one of the fast leading hardware wallets which provides advanced security for handling all cryptocurrencies’ private keys, different from the traditional cold storage method of hardware which includes offline storage or the paper wallet. Trezor makes secure payment without exposing the individual private keys to a potentially compromised computer or internet connection. This is one of the Cryptocurrency Platforms that guarantee maximum security for Cryptocurrencies, guiding against physical and virtual thefts. Trezor has an HD wallet that controls private keys, making an entire wallet be backed up with 24 words generated. The Cryptocurrency Platform gives its users the opportunity to buy, sell and exchange all Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc and deal directly to your own wallet.

Recently Trezor has launched an investigation into a possible data breach discovered on an email phishing campaign which was brought to their notice by various data users on their official Twitter page. Users tweeted Trezor bringing their attention to the ongoing situation and warning other users about the ongoing email phishing, which its campaign has been targeted. Trezor wallet owners via their registered email accounts.

Different Trezor users have been reached out to by an unauthorized actor posing as the company in the ongoing campaign with the aim of syphoning cash. Due to this attack, users have received various emails about downloading an app from the “” domain and this coined app is very different from the main and official Trezor domain name, “”. Trezor has come out to inform people about the breached data and made an official statement on their verified Twitter account yesterday @Trezor stated that “MailChimp have confirmed that their service has been compromised by an insider targeting Crypto companies. “We have managed to take the phishing domain offline and are trying to determine how many email addresses have been affected. “We will not be Communicating by newsletter until the situation is resolved. Do not open any emails appearing to come from Trezor until further notice, please ensure you are using anonymous email addresses for Bitcoin-related activities as stated on their official Twitter account.

The company believes that those who opted in for the newsletter have gone ahead to create a compromised email address solely for this fraudulent purpose, which was hosted on an American email marketing service provider MailChimp. The company stated that it is working hard to identify the root causes of this situation with an official Investigation, Users are therefore advised not to click on any link which looks unofficial or coming from an unofficial source till further notice. “Our services have been compromised by an Insider targeting Crypto companies MailChimp Confirmed.


Trezor has said that in the recent pot they will have managed to take the phishing domain offline and also ensured to determine the email address that this situation has affected. From 3rd April till this very moment, Trezor has not relented as it has been circulating warnings and screenshots of the phishing attempt. The compromised email aim was that the phishing attack was basically attempted to deceive users to maliciously download a code, disguising it as that of Trezor’s suite desktop app by alleging a fake security breach at the company. Block Fi Is also a Cryptocurrency company that has also suffered what Trezor is currently going through as they also had informed Investors about a data breach and phishing attack that allowed hackers to access most of the data of Block Fi clients through Hubspot.

This is one of the major challenges most Crypto Companies encounter over the past few years security breaches and data attacks on them have been on the high side. Hackers mostly ensure that they find a way to break into their database and whisk away valuable investments made by their users. As the Trezor company realizes their statement of this situation, more Cryptocurrency companies have come out too to also give Accounts of their own experiences. The BAYC team also confirmed that their discord servers were also compromised and hackers gained access and moved valuable mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC NFT), just about some weeks ago the Ronin bridge hack happened, making them lose 173,600ETH and about 25.5M USDC. Ledger Love’s privacy policies and hack created its own policy, and this is what other Cryptocurrency companies should come together in other to curtail the data breaches.

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