Amazon Accuses Reliance of Collusion with Future Retail

Amazon which is an American multinational technology company, over the years has focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Creating a nitch for itself and being” one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world”, and is one of the world’s most valuable brands. With its wide clientele based all over the world. They want to ensure that they keep being one of the very best and fight against any business company that wants the jeopardize the standard for which they have worked so hard.

The Supreme court on Monday has summoned the Delhi High Court judge is hearing a bunch of petitions and counter petitions which were filed by Amazon and the Future Groups against each other. The US e-commerce firms have also pleaded to refrain Future Retail Limited from alienating its stores to Reliance industries, the most essential thing is that the application has to be properly looked into, Chief Justice NV Ramana said, the senior lawyer representing Future Retail in the person of Harish Salve, had pleaded that the court should not pass an order, and he ensured that he would provide support in making sure the case is on priority bases in the Court. The Attorney for the Future Group and Amazon would come together and make a request to Justice (Hari Shankar) to listen to Amazon’s first plead on Reliance getting over with various properties where the Future Group outlet is operated.

The Attorney of the High Court will say he will be focusing on the Amazon Future Group cases as fast as possible after the Supreme Court in February asked the Delhi High Court to hear the petition once again and this time it should be done on merit. Amazon has brought in a Singapore based Arbitral Tribunal’s order stating that sales of Future Group Retail assets to Reliance Retail and also accused the company of an ongoing agreement to come together with Future Groups in order to Transfer 835 Future Group Retail Limited stores to Reliance.


According to Amazon, this is the “Purported arrangement that has been made by the Future Retail Limited with Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani group constitutes a Stratagem to alienate Future Retail Limited retail stores in order to favour Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani in a stylish manner. Amazon’s petition to the Supreme Court is to prevent the two companies from proceedings with the dealings of the transferring process of the stores to Reliance. The two companies involved, Reliance and Future Retail Limited are yet to make any comments or respond to this petition, Sometime in February the Reliable Project and properties management which is a subunit of the Reliance industries had taken possession of the said properties of the Future Group Outlet and were said not to have made payment for rent for more than a year. The Reliance Project had allowed the Future Group further commenced business on a “Leave and License” Operation from these sites. Later they denied the retailers unpaid rentals to individual Landlords and diverted the leases to their own name. A letter tendered by Future Reliance Limited States that Reliance has claimed the unpaid rent to it’s Rs 4,800.

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