Foreign company flies Nigerian man who makes drones to Finland for immediate employment.

The talents of a young Nigerian man have made a way for him, as a foreign company has expressed interest in him as well as recruited him. Ignatius Asabor, a Nigerian man who builds unique drones out of materials he finds locally, was flown to Finland by a firm called Radai Limited and hired by the same company. Asabor is a Nigerian engineer who self-taught himself how to make agricultural drones.

The Managing Director of the Finland-based firm, Mr. Ari Saartenoja, announced the news on Linkedin and expressed his joy at having Asabor work for him. Mr Ari posted a photo of Ignatius on LinkedIn shortly after he landed in Finland, writing, “Ignatius Asabor, young Nigerian drone talent has just arrived in Finland, Oulu.” In the future, Ignatius will bolster Radai’s survey team by bringing more international expertise to the table. “Welcome to the Radai Team, Ignatius Asabor.”

Ignatius also used LinkedIn to upload a photo of himself arriving at Oulu, Finland, with the caption “Arrived in Oulu city.” Asabor’s final project before leaving the nation is a 65-inch wind span training plane converted to a crop duster, which he claims is utilized in farming and crop dusting. Nigerians have praised the firm and the young prodigy across all social media platforms, encouraging him to stay focused on his objective and to be a good ambassador for the country.

Ignatius Asabor’s Biography

Ignatius Asabor was born in Delta State, Nigeria. At the age of eight, he began to explore his natural technological aptitude. He improvised his creations, such as vehicles, drones, and other auto works, out of scraps and waste materials.
His Nigerian parents constantly chastised him for wasting his time producing and playing crappy things rather than reading his books, as his mother aspired that he would become a lawyer. Ignatius’ first creations were destroyed as a means of punishing and discouraging him, but he persisted.
Because his parents were incapable of stopping him, they enrolled him in Utagba-Ogbe Technical College in Kwale, Delta State, to enhance his talents. However, Ignatius was already well on his way, as he outperformed his peers and consistently topped his class. His greatest level of education is a NABTEB diploma, but his abilities have landed him automatic employment in Finland at Radai Limited.


About Radai Limited

Radai is a corporation with a long history of deploying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to provide environmental and geophysical assessment services. Radai was founded in the year 2013. It is based in Finland, with an office in Oulu. The organization is made up of geoscientists and electrical engineers who are experts in their fields. 
In 2011, the company released the first academic prototypes of their measurement technique. Mineral exploration, geological mapping, environmental monitoring, and conductivity mapping are just a few of the uses for Radai services. Radai’s proprietary software, RadaiPros – a magnetic data processing tool, RadaiView – a magnetic UAV data viewer, and RadaiPath – a UAV waypoint editor, all provide high-quality data to end-users.
Ari Saartenoja and Arto Karinen, co-founders of the company, both studied Natural Sciences at the University of Oulu and are passionate about exploring and measuring the natural world. They came up with the concept to create new innovative tools and gadgets to measure and capture data. When those two beginner scientists were pondering magnetic field measurements – how such processes were carried out and what problems were encountered throughout the surveys – Radai was born. To their surprise, they discovered that magnetic field survey procedures had not changed much over the last 70 years, were time-consuming, and difficult – trekking on the terrain in difficult weather is no simple accomplishment. As a result, scientists sought a better answer to this long-term issue.



Radai’s technology is so versatile that it may be used in a wide range of fields, including mineral exploration and environmental monitoring, as well as a wide range of geophysical sensor systems. Radai’s professionals are eager to take on new challenges since innovation and evolution occur when problems are approached with an open mind. If a customer has an issue, Radai’s team will do all possible to fix it. As a result, the company’s services can be tailored and tailored to the demands of the consumer to get the best potential result.
Radai uses a fixed-wing drone with an electric engine to operate a high-performance magnetic survey device. With flying lengths of over two hours and the usage of two or three drones at the same time, up to one thousand line kilometres can be covered in a single day.
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