Finally, South Africans and Nigerians can now access Twitter Blue

When Twitter Blue was introduced in June 2021, many people believed it would add a new dimension to how the social media platform’s user experience would advance. Elon Musk’s acquisition of the business brought additional capabilities to the app, including the ability for practically anyone wanting to pay a premium membership to become verified—regardless of how well-known or important they were.

Verification changed from being free to be for sale when it was revealed that the much sought-after blue tick would be available to anyone willing to pay. Nigeria and South Africa were two nations that could not obtain membership, even though Twitter is available in those nations.

When they awoke today, users in Nigeria and South Africa discovered that Twitter Blue is now offered in their nations for ₦5,000 and R144.99 per month, respectively. Formerly, service subscribers in both nations used virtual private networks to connect to the IP addresses of other countries where the service is offered.

If customers pick the annual membership, Twitter will give them a 12% discount for users in Nigeria and a 13% discount for users in South Africa; however, the pricing for the subscription varies depending on the device. While those who subscribe for the web service will pay a flat charge of ₦3,650 and R144.99 per month, those who subscribe on their iOS and Android devices will pay a flat rate of 5,000 and R200.00 per month.

For those who choose the annual membership, the costs are R1,519 and ₦38,500 for web access and R52,900 and R2,099 for iOS and Android devices, respectively. Every nation with access to Twitter Blue has used this pricing model consistently.

Many people are debating whether or not to sign up for the service for a blue tick, but some haven’t yet noticed it on their smartphones. Despite being there, they can only see that Twitter Blue isn’t yet available in their nation.

There have been significant changes at the corporation since the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla assumed control of $44 billion in October 2022, particularly with the app. Twitter has divided the timeline into two sections: “For you” and “Following,” however, recently, users have complained that they have begun to see tweets from users they do not follow or that have been retweeted on their timeline.

When Musk took over, many people believed Twitter was pursuing the African market by opening an office there. The abrupt and large-scale layoffs at the corporation also affected the office in Africa, which raised the question of whether they were to blame for the propagation of false information on Nigerian Twitter. Twitter Blue is not yet accessible in the nation.

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