5 Latest Releases From Apple

At this point, the world can agree that Apple’s biggest competition is Apple. One might say their goal is to make the world apple dependent. It’s like they read our minds to know where it hurts and then creates that solution.

They went from giving the world, one platform that holds every song in the world to becoming high-class substitutes for cameras. Today, almost half the world’s population owns at least one Apple device and this number keeps climbing. In fact, many see it as a thing of pride to own an Apple device.

The multinational tech company, however, had their first official event of the year, where they announced 5 new products that Apple savvy just cannot help but want. 

They are: 

  • The Apple Air tag 
  • The Apple TV 4K
  • The newly redesigned iMac 
  • The new iPad Pro
  • A new purple colour iPhone 12 and 12 mini

Most of the new devices like the iPad Pro and iMac would feature the new MI supercharged chip which would offer more CPU and Storage speed. Let’s take a deeper dive into each device.




Say bye to losing your keys and wallet as the apple air tag is here to save the day. The apple air tag helps you keep track of anything you worry about losing.


For instance, when you clip this gadget to your key tag or handbag, you can quickly trace the tag using the find my iPhone app.


Another cool feature of the air tag is its global find feature which makes it act like another iPhone. This means other devices around the world can help find tags and other devices as well without an extra data connection.


Apple projects that the air tags battery can last more than a year. Ano plus with the air tag is that anyone with the iPhone 11 or higher get to reap the benefit of the UI chip in the iPhone.


This allows you to enjoy turn by turn directions on a better U1 that helps you track down the air tag wherever it may be. Apple is also offering some different accessories for air tags along with free personal engravings.

Price: $29 per tag and $100 for 4pack (allowing you save $16 on 4 air tags)
Preorder: 30th of April
Availability: May 2021

The A12 Bionic chip in the Apple TV 4K enables you to play HDR content at a higher frame rate. It would allow you to use your iPhone’s light sensors to match the colours on the actual TV screen, which is said to make a significant difference. The Apple TV 4K also includes a one-piece aluminium Siri remote and a 5-way click pad on the touch area for added accuracy.

The outer ring on the remote works as a scroll wheel which allows the user to rewind and fast forward the TV content. The new Siri remote also comes with a dedicated mute and power button to easily mute and turn off the TV set.

Price: $179 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model
Preorder: 30th April
Availability: May 2021


One can as well call this a very big iPhone that comes with a stand because it is impossibly thin due to its thinner bezels. 

It has a 24-inch display with a 4.5k resolution but only looks a little larger than the 21inch iMac.
The new iMac features a True Tone to adapt to unequal lighting conditions in a room; an improved 1080p camera with a larger sensor, and a three microphone array with beamforming to give a better audio quality on calls.
The new iMac includes a new feature Apple calls the best sound system on an iMac with a six-speaker sound system.
It uses the silicon M1 chip with an 85% faster CPU and 2x faster GPU when compared to the 21inch iMac. Additionally, since the M1 chip is also a significant feature of the iPhone and iPad devices, iPhone and iPad apps can be easily run on the large iMac screen.
In terms of connectivity, the latest iMac features four USBS ports, four Thunderbolts, and support for up to a 6k display. The adapter of the new iMac comes with a built-in Ethernet port. 

The keyboard and mouse device of the new iMac is colour-matched with the iMac. The keyboard also comes with a Touch ID key built on it as a key.

Price Starts: $1299
Preorder: 30th of April
Availability: May 2021


Apple’s silicon M1 chip is the device that powers the new iPad Pro and features a 59% faster CPU, a 40% faster GPU, 2x faster storage, and a 2TB option.

In addition to the USBC, the new iPad include USB 4 support.
The 12.9-inch iPad features a new mini LED display that Apple refers to as Liquid Retina XDR.
The screen quality, dimming zones, and brightness are on another level. 1600 nit peak brightness, 10,000 mini LEDs, 2500 local dimming zones and a contrast ratio of 1 million to1.
Video call quality on the new iPad is so much better with the newly updated selfie camera and the newly launched feature called centre stage.

This allows zoom and pan based on where you are in the frame and makes sure to keep you centred. 

It also automatically zooms out if there is more than one person on focus. Basically a smart camera.

Price Starts: $799
Preorder: 30th of April
Availability: Mid-May 2021


This is one of Apple’s most recent premium smartphones to hit the market. Not only is the gadget’s rear glass panel purple, but the colour of the aluminium frame is also balanced to create the most beautiful purple engineering device.

Price starts: $699
Preorder: 23rd of April
Availability: 30th of April
All of the mentioned devices would hit the market by May 2021. The Air tag has, however, received the most attention as it was reported to have been sold out in minutes by preorder.
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