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7 Tech Jobs You Can Get With No Experience

As a job hunter, chances are, 6 out of 9 times, you come across your dream job but you do not apply.

Why? Because the job listing finds a way to discourage you with the “5 years of experience” requirement even when you meet the skill requirement. This scenario is most common among people who are in what the workforce call the “no work experience”category.

It is important to note that having “no experience” is very different from “not having the skill”. Therefore, to consider yourself fit for any position means you must have ensured that your skillset matches the job’s requirement.

Although many may think it’s impossible and that the only way to an entry-level job position is through internships, a good number of people have testimonies of being able to cop themselves a well-paying job with literally 0 years of working experience.

Today, tech jobs are becoming more open to non-experienced prospects because these jobs are mostly skill-based rather than experience-based. This means you may have to worry less about getting your first job if it’s tech-inclined.

So, Here Are 7 Jobs that would accept you today just as you are along with its basic requirements and salary for an entry-level position:

  • Digital Marketing Manager / Specialist: A digital marketing specialist is a person who plans and develops strategies that would be implemented in marketing a brand online. Becoming a Digital Marketing Manager requires good research and maybe a certification. A digital marketing manager is faced with the task of analysing data and drawing insights, User Experience mapping, Search Engine optimisation and Marketing, social media coordination and project management.
  • Average Salary: $6000 – $6500


  • Content Marketing Manager: A Content marketing manager creates and manages all of a company’s online content to increase page traffic and user conversions. A content manager should be able to write content for websites and social media channels that is easy, technical, and engaging. Also, he or she should be able to analyze data and understand user experience.
  • Average Salary: $3,000 – $3500


  • Data Analyst: A data analyst collects, organizes, and interprets statistical knowledge for businesses. This entails compiling complex data and displaying them in basic, easy-to-understand formats. Data analysis requires a good deal of programming and data administration skill. Python, SQL, Microsoft Excel, machine learning, and critical thinking skills are a few must-haves for this job type.
  • Average Salary: $8000 – $8500


  • CMS Manager: A Content Management Systems Manager is a person who controls, organised, edits or recreates aspects of websites built with content management systems. Examples of these CMSs are WordPress and Wix. These CMSs are rapidly becoming the most sought for building websites and blogs. As a CMS manager, you must have trained yourself to understand the workings of at least one Content management system as well as some web design technologies like HTML and CSS in the least. 
  • Average Salary: $4500 – $5000


  • Web Developer: A web developer builds websites using codes or a Content management system. The website mostly has to be functional and responsive. If you have got projects you created while learning the craft, that is a plus for you as you can take up entry-level positions with those projects. To apply for a web developer position in any company, you should have both Frontend and Backend Design Skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript for both user side and server-side)
  • Average Salary: $5000 – $6000 per month


  • Social Media Manager/Expert: A social media manager manages a brand’s presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It is oftentimes confused or combined with the position of a digital marketer, but it mostly involves making timely posts on the social media that the brand uses. Today, almost anybody can use social media, so if you want to work with a brand, you should be prepared to make timely updates on social media sites, create a design using resources like Canva and/or Adobe, and have at least one social media account regularly working as evidence of competence.
  • Average Salary: $3000- $3500 per month


  • UI/UX Designer: A UI/UX designer ensures the feasibility of a design before the web or mobile app designer begins development. The advantage of working in the UI/UX field is that you can get a job with one good project. So start studying right away to give yourself an advantage in the interview for your first project. To work as a UI/UX builder, you must have the following skills: The ability to use design applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Figma, and wireframing software, one or more self-made projects, a keen eye for colour matching, and good attention to details.
  • Average Salary: $3000- $3500 per month

But, if you’re having trouble securing an entry-level job, switching to one of these tech-related fields might be the answer.

Remember, you should have the skill if you wish to be considered for any of the job positions mentioned above.

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