All you need to know about Lucid’s Air Sedan; Tesla’s latest competition

Electric Vehicles are gradually becoming a widely accepted trend. Today, millennials are digging the electric powered automobile idea like brunch.

In 2020, it was reported that of all automobiles sold, at least 2.8% of them were Electric Vehicles and 80% of these were sold by the world-famous Tesla.
For this and many other reasons, the EV Electric Vehicle Industry has experienced reasonable growth and this may be the reason the IHS predicted that 43 EV brands will emerge by 2023.
Lucid is one of the many EV companies that have popped up in the last ten years. They were formerly known as atieva and focused on mainly producing battery technologies for other automobile companies. The company can be said to be Tesla inspired as it has most of its currently serving talents as former Tesla employees, including the CEO Peter Rawlinson who used to be an engineer at Tesla and was the chief engineer behind the Model S.
In an interview with CNBC, Peter Rawlinson stated that Lucid was never interested in competing with Tesla. Instead, its clear cut goal was to reduce the number of gasoline-powered vehicles by increasing the number of EV vehicles in the market.
Regardless of the competition, Lucid has for some reason, poised itself for success seeing as its new Lucid Dream Air Edition has been sold out in March 2020.
Following the launch of the Lucid Dream Air Edition, will be Lucid’s Air Sedan, and is set to break every record there is for EVs. It is scheduled to hit the market in the second half of 2021.



Design and Infrastructure

Since Lucid’s primary market is the luxury market, expect the design to be everything but the regular. The interior’s colours and textures are finely coordinated to create an exotic but cool look and feel. The seats are built for convenience, with footrests and a trunk that is always easily accessible. The headlight is a thin line on the front bumper of the sedan, close to Acura’s. The entire exterior is built to withstand external temperatures fairly and comfortably. This cutting-edge infrastructure is made up of all of these components.

Battery and Range

The company already has a history of creating batteries to be a source of electricity so it’s no surprise that Lucid airs battery technology would be crazy hard to beat. Custom built by Lucid, the battery technology will feature a 900 volts architecture with an inverter technology of silica carbide with a very special in-house cooling system that keeps its chips super cool before any heat can even be generated, therefore, crossing out the worry of overheating.


Lucid poses to combat the frustration and fears of consumers towards the range EVs can cover by integrating a quick charge duration using the Electrify America network that is built by Volkswagen America. They have incorporated a 900 volts battery system in the Lucid air sedan so that it can run 350 kilowatts charging – the fastest speed of charging there is in all of electric vehicle history. 


In terms of range, Lucid Air Sedan is set to run a 517-mile distance with 1 charge. This would exceed the current highest EV range of 402 miles held by Tesla’s S series.



Lucid Motors CEO, Peter Ranowlsi, mentioned that the cost of the cars would be on the high side at the start that is 169,000 and hopefully go down to 80,000 by 2022. The Dream Edition cost $161,500 or $169,000 MSRP when you include the $7,500 federal electric car tax. 



Lucid air Sedan is set to be released during a time that the market is moving towards SUVs and crossovers. It will start its distribution in North America’s market by spring of 2021. The next target would be Europe’s between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 and then China in 2022. 


Customer Service

Lucid plans to sell directly to customers as well as offer in house servicing as well. This way customers get the best out of any car investment with the brand. This is something that rivals like Tesla have struggled with for a long time. So, although it may cost the company more, Lucid motors are looking to create a safe space for meeting customers’ needs by setting up factories to meet this particular need.


As with any product filled with goodies, there would always be challenges. 83% of persons who are personally against buying EVs said it was due to the issue of charging and anxiety about the car’s range. Taking all of this into consideration, Lucid came up with the Air sedan solution to certainly drop the numbers by far. The air sedan features fast charging features and covers a further range as well.


There is no doubt that Lucid Motors is coming for Tesla with the release of the Air Sedan. In 2020, tesla sold 80% of all-electric vehicles bought. So, one can only wait and see what Lucid Air Sedan’s launch will do to the EV market by the end of 2021.


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