3 Reasons To Buy Tech Stock in 2021

The experience with the recent crypto dip must have discouraged the investor in you. Having to put in so much and expect a lot from a platform with so much success history must have had you question your sense of judgement.

Pay no mind, dear crypto investor, as the “dip” will soon enough become “less deep”. However, if you have been permanently discouraged from crypto and would still like to invest, then there’s good news. Stock is a perfect option for you. Particularly, Tech Stock. Think about this: what sector has been on the steady rise even with the crazy pandemic? You got it right- Tech.

After food, this sector has seen more growth than any other sector that has ever existed. The consistent dependency of humans on technology waters and grows the branches of tech. And if you ever wonder how tech companies make their money, just remember that there are people who cannot eat food without bingeing on Netflix.

So, here 3 Reasons Why Tech Stock is a Good Investment in 2021

1.  Trends: The waltz of a new technology that makes any situation less of a problem, but more of comfort creates a frenzy that does everyone good. This is because the manufacturers make more sales, and the company generates more revenues. In turn, investors are getting a share of the entrepreneurial cake. Thanks to the various channels of marketing and advertising, setting trends is no longer so much of a hassle, as the right target audience and influence can do the job for the product.

2.  The Pandemic: If you didn’t know Twilio before 2020, then the pandemic is to be thanked for that introduction. The Covid-19 pandemic may have constituted mayhem, but sure as hell gave relevance and opportunities to many technologies. Apps like Twilio and Tiktok have their manufacturers make the highest amount of income their companies have ever made. Twilio, for example, saw a significant increase in revenues in 2020 as a result of the transition to remote working and online education. by the end of 2020, the company’s revenue had increased by 55%. Another awesomeness of the pandemic factor is that after the pandemic, one would think that the numbers would decline but they didn’t. It got even better, as many of the tech companies that were able to boost their revenues during the pandemic are still growing steadility in 2021. Their customer base continues to grow, as does their overall growth.

3.  Affordability: If there’s anything about tech stock, it’s how affordable it is to immerse. The ability to purchase $50 stock in a company under the fastest growing economy is a good reason to invest in a tech stock. There has been a recent sell-off in the value of tech stock. Investors are taking advantage of this to grow their investments over time.

4 Tech stocks to buy in 2021

Blink Charging Inc.

Blink provides EV charging equipment and services to EV manufacturers. Given the imminent rise in the EV trend, it’s all the way up for any company associated with it. Blink has formed partnerships with EV manufacturers for EVs that would be rolled out for the next few years. In the last year, Blink stock has shot up over 1,700% and its latest acquisition of the European EV charging operator- blue corner has given it leverage to capitalize on the European EV market.

Applovin Corp
Applovin is an app publishing company with headquarters in California. Over the years, Applovin has helped define many of the popular apps on our mobile phones as well as game studios. Using machine learning, Applovin has helped many developers market and monetize their apps. They help developers achieve this through marketing, advertising and analysis. The company recently announced its first-quarter financials for the year showing that the revenue was up by 135%. The firm expects to generate over $2 billion in sales by the end of the year, up from over $650 million in the first half.

Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft is a tech company that does not need much introduction as its various products have spoken for themselves. They develop and sell softwares, electronics, personal computers and other services that have found their way to become a basic necessity to human productivity. In April, Microsoft announced its third-quarter revenue totalling $41.7 billion. This means there was a 19% increase in comparison to past years. Even while focusing on its cloud business, its operating income went up by 31%, and its net income posted by the company was $15.5 billion, resulting in a 48% increase when compared to that of last year.

Apple Inc.
More than half the world has a product from this company. They have, over the years, built a reputation too strong to compete against. The tech giant located in California dominates the electronics market today. From its market freezing iPhones to its wristwatches and TVs. It is reasonable to argue that something about their products’ user experience keeps the world coming back for more.

Investors in this tech powerhouse would now make its stock a hot cake. this is because, when Apple posted its quarterly stellar last month, big surges were seen. The company had an increase, of 53% in total revenue and a net income increase of 110%. All shares in the company also saw a jump of 118%, meaning more money for Apple and everyone with even the tiniest shares in the company.

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