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7 Outstanding Tech Startup To Watch Out For In 2021

The merger of old, conventional, or mainstream media with digital technology, such as the smartphone, digital virtual disc (DVD), and game consoles like the Microsoft Xbox, which is also a digital media player and an Internet router, is thriving thanks to the five principles of new media. As a result of this evolution, the global business community has taken advantage of the rising digital culture to reach out to everyone online with their indigenous products and services, as well as indigenous technologies. As more people understand the e-commerce and e-payment potential that the digital culture environment has produced, technological start-ups have been expanding in every country with a thriving digital culture. 

Although the official supervising agency, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), does not have an exact figure for the number of technology startups, Nigeria’s digital culture has seen the proliferation of a number of them since the establishment of the first innovation hub in Yaba, Lagos (the Co-creation Hub) in 2010. Some of these technology start-ups have offered innovations that fuel Nigeria’s digital culture in the area of e-commerce, e-learning, (EDUTECH) e-payment (FINTECH), e-logistics, e-banking, e-governance and many more. More Nigerian businesses are drawing overseas investors and tackling consumer-facing challenges by leveraging technology. 
Several Nigerian digital businesses are solving problems and doing innovative things, and here are a few to keep an eye on in 2021. 

1.    Abeg App

Abeg App is a peer-to-peer social payment platform that allows users to quickly transfer, request, and receive money, as well as pay for goods and services and send money to friends and family for free. Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh, and Dare Adekoya co-founded the company. Abeg, like Cashapp, makes transferring and requesting money simple for users. Abeg has been a social media sensation since its birth in 2020, and it recently became the official sponsor of Big Brother Naija.

2.    Flutterwave 

Flutterwave is a leading fintech business in Nigeria that was founded in 2016 by a group of engineers, ex-bankers, and entrepreneurs. Individuals, banks, retailers, organizations, and others can use this startup to create a seamless and simple payment system. Their payment system connects Africa to the global economy by establishing a fintech infrastructure capable of producing and accepting any money wherever in Africa. Flutterwave has executed over 100 million transactions totalling over $2.6 billion since its launch and has over 50 banks as partners across Africa.

3. is a Nigerian online travel company owned by Mark Essien, it specializes in hotel reservations for consumers all across Nigeria. They assist travellers in booking their preferred hotel by providing personalized attention and assistance. They provide user reviews for each hotel to ensure that their visitors have a pleasant, comfortable, and restful holiday. In 2013 made an initial investment of $75,000 in the firm immediately after it launched, and after seeing’s spectacular growth, they boosted their investment to $150,000.

4.    Chaka

Chaka is a digital investment platform that helps you to manage and grow your portfolio. It was launched in 2019. It allows Nigerians to invest on international stock exchanges such as the NASDAQ and NYSE. The fundamental goal of Chaka was to remove investment obstacles between Africa and the rest of the world, allowing people to invest anywhere in the world. This made it feasible to offer a plethora of investment and trading options. Trading will undoubtedly be the next big thing in the future years. It is beneficial to investors both inside and outside the country. 

5.    Mines

This is a Venture capital (VC) backed fintech business that serves the African, Indonesian, and Brazilian markets with financial services. The firm was launched in 2014 by a small group of alumni from Stanford University’s Computer Science Department. Mines is proud to be a bank that specializes in lending to emerging markets.
They work with several banks, mobile operators, and merchants to provide a digital credit platform that allows market institutions to extend credit to their customers. They research their clients’ consumers using money transaction history, bank records, and phone records. Some of its clients include Airtel and Interswitch.

6.    Autocheck

This Nigerian startup makes it easier to purchase and sell cars in the country. TLcom Capital and 4DX Ventures sponsored a $3.4 million round for this automotive technology business. This company aspires to create a safe and secure environment for purchasing and selling automobiles. Autocheck also offers automotive repair and maintenance services in Nigeria to ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible. They also offer car washing, battery service, painting, denting, tyre service, car brake service, engine service, and other services. Here you’ll discover everything you need to keep your automobile running smoothly. You may get their software from the App Store and enter information about your vehicle, including the registration number.

7.    Nigerian Flying Doctors

Flying Doctors Nigeria is West Africa’s first indigenous flying ambulance. Air ambulance, medical solutions, and medical services are all provided by this organization. This company has been providing life-saving aeromedical transport at the lowest possible cost for more than ten years. They’re at the forefront of the Covid fight, with plans to invest $1 billion in improving African healthcare. Flying Doctors Nigeria is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top startups as a result of its excellent service.
That brings us to the end of our selection of the top 7 Nigerian companies to watch in 2021. All of the companies included here add significant value to the lives of Nigerians through their services, and so deserve to be listed among the Top Startups in Nigeria.
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