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Amazon Announces It’s First Household Robot – Astro, Amongst Others

Amazon today, 28th of September 2021, at its annual fall hardware event announced the launch of its first household robot, a new Alexa-powered robot called Astro, a new Echo Show 15 smart screen, a thermostat, a new fitness tracker amongst others.

The domestic digital ‘Alexa on wheels’, integrates computer vision, artificial intelligence, and Ring technology. The objective is to alleviate the issues with stationary gadgets by making it easier to communicate with the elderly and disabled. Astro, like a roving security camera, may be used to check on rooms in a house, people, and pets while the owner is away. It’s designed to drive around the house autonomously and has built-in mannerisms like eyes, screen motion, it also has the capacity to communicate.
Astro is a bold move by Amazon, said Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight, but a logical step given its expertise in robots and desire to become more integrated into consumers’ daily lives. Unlike some competitors, he claims, Amazon is prepared to bring highly experimental things to market to observe how buyers react. “Offering things that look like they sprang straight out of a science fiction novel, presents Amazon as a forward-thinking corporation in the eyes of consumers and investors,” he added.
The robot costs $1000 and is only available for pre-order. Amazon has yet to announce an official release date for the robot, but it has stated that pre-orders will begin later this year.
“I believe the Astro robot will sell out in minutes when it becomes available in the US market, I’m just disappointed that it won’t be available in the UK for a long time.” – Mr Wood predicted.
More On The Astro Home Robot
Astro has an inbuilt Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant and can, among other things, create and deliver reminders, provide entertainment like TV shows or podcasts, and operate smart home gadgets. The robot also responds to commands, such as “Astro, beatbox,” which causes the robot to generate musical noises. There are additional security and safety features on the robot.
Astro can patrol a user’s house autonomously while they’re away thanks to a partnership with Amazon’s smart home security subsidiary Ring. Through a function dubbed Alexa Guard, it can detect possible intruders and listen for things like shattered glass or smoke alarms. Those concerned about privacy can turn off Astro’s camera, microphone, and motion sensors by clicking a button, according to Amazon. Users can also set “out of bounds zones,” or rooms that the robot is not allowed to enter.

An Inexpensive Thermostat

The company collaborated with Honeywell, an appliance maker, to create a simple-looking smart thermostat for $59, which is far less than the average smart home thermostat. It connects to most existing HVAC systems and performs standard thermostat functions like scheduling when to lower or raise your home’s temperature. According to Amazon, customers will be able to meet their environmental goals thanks to potential energy savings. November 4th is when it is expected to be launched.

Alexa Together

Amazon also launched a new subscription service called “Alexa Together,” which is aimed at families with elderly relatives who are still living independently but may require additional assistance. The $19.99 a month subscription builds on Amazon’s current Alexa Care Hub, an earlier investment in elder care, by incorporating many of Care Hub’s functions while also introducing new safeguards, such as an urgent response option and access to a professional emergency helpline in case of an accident. In 2022, it will replace Amazon’s current (and free) Care Hub, allowing caregivers to provide tech help, set up routines on loved one’s devices, monitor assistant activity, and even play music. New consumers can try the service for six months for free while existing Care Hub users can enjoy a year for free.

Halo View

Amazon also launched Halo View, a new health tracker that will cost $79.99. This Amazon fitness tracker has a colour screen, and the bands can be swapped out and modified, unlike earlier models. The device has a free one-year Amazon Halo subscription, which now includes video-based exercise programs. Hundreds of workouts will be available, according to Amazon. The Halo subscription will also feature a nutrition trainer, which will be available to the general public next year and will include grocery lists and healthy meal planning ideas. It enables customers to create a custom food plan. According to Amazon, over 500 recipes from partners, including Amazon’s Whole Foods Market, are included.

A Videophone For Children

Amazon further unveiled a new gadget geared at children that mixes video calling with projector-based activities. A built-in 8-inch display is included in the 14-inch tall freestanding tower. An adult, on the one hand, downloads the Glow app to an iOS or Android tablet. The projected visuals react to touch, with the goal of making video chats more entertaining for kids. Kids can play games like “Tangram Bits” on the projected surface as their parents’ video conference from a normal iPad. The camera is turned off using a “privacy shutter” on the gadget.

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