Egyptian health and wellness platform Esaal raises $1.7m to scale across MENA

Due to a scarcity of doctors in developing markets like Egypt, there is a large unmet demand for medical consulting. Esaal, an online health and wellness consultation platform plans to invest its recently acquired funds across MENA region. Such a platform has seen rapid growth over the past few years thereby announcing its $1.7m start-up investment. There is poor demand for medical consultation in the market like in Egypt, due to the low supply of doctors. Due to pandemics, there is an increase in the demand for doctors and consultation apps in Egypt and the wider MENA population.

Esaal is for physical consultation as well as also addressing other issues such as mental health issues among MENA populations where most experience frequent stress, 29% suffer from depression and Obesity among others.

This platform will help connect the user with experts, then they can get real results and answers to health issues easily said Fadi Doss, founder and CEO of Esaal. Esaal had more than 350 consultants on its platform, where they offer consultations on a large scale, including anxiety, physical therapy, paediatrician, and nutrition. Users can access these services through an app (text, video/voice and face to face calls) and payments can be made via cash, credit cards, Vodafone and Fawry. Esaal charges fees on demand for consultations with plans to make funds with face to face visits.

This Egyptian health care sector has employed a B2B2C model in which it has partnered with more than 10 medium and large companies to offer services to more than 5000 employees. Esaal is one of the beneficiaries of the pandemics induced blockchain that had opportunities in health care. The technology between 2020 and 2021. Esaal’s services are available in 7 other MENA and GCC countries, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine and Iraq.

Esaal stands out from its competitors, due to its capital effectiveness said, Doss. He also stated that while other platforms focus on physician consultations, psychological wellbeing or diets like Vezeeta, Meddy and Shezlong, Esaal merges the three into one. So far they have been practical about investing in capital, and this has allowed them to grow and expand their horizon, “said Karim Beshara, the firms managing partner for investment.” We are happy to see them expand and with a good business relationship over the last few years. There’s a lot more coming from Esaal.


Esaal expects revenue of CAGR of about 50 to 60% between 2021 and 2025, hence the investment to scale across MENA; invest in product and brand development and also to hire more talents. This will go a long way in reaching every country and penetrating other regions. And they are hoping to get multiples in the coming year.

Esaal intends to use its current investments to grow across the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as invest in product and team development due to the large demand for medical services in the markets such as Egypt. The platform helps secure wellness services and also serves more than 5000 employees in a range of industries through partnering with other NGOs to assist wellness and also better holistic health solutions thereby growing its team and also to expand its geographical horizon.

Fadi Doss, CEO at Esaal says their journey to the growth of the company has been great building a solution it desires a lot, with investors such as A15, who are building and expanding the business alongside us, with professionals that have helped our expansion into the key target market.

We are only just venturing into the market and working to secure more capital to increase our continued growth. Esaal has become a trusted platform, through quality and easy access to health and wellness professionals that can assist users to get better results.

Esaal received the ” Best Companies award at the Health 2.0 conference, held in Dubai in recognition of the platform’s contribution in the field of Health and Wellness in the region.

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