Fivver rolls out a new Pinterest like feature

Fiverr, a freelance marketplace announced on the 29th of December, 2021, that it is launching an interactive Pinterest-like smartphone experience that allows customers to interact with a constantly updated feed of visual content specifically handpicked just for them.

The new feature which is called “Inspire” according to Fivver, was created expressly to assist customers to find new projects and freelancers on the marketplace. Users can interact with the content by “liking” it in their feed and saving it to a mood board or list in the app for further reference.

“Inspire is intended to be a space where this work can be honoured, brought to life, and most importantly, used to picture the unlimited possibilities and opportunities accessible on Fiverr.” We’re looking forward to seeing what type of inspiration and ideas emerge from this new experience, as well as continuing to honour and recognize the hard work of great freelancers throughout the world.” says Liron Markus, Fivver’s VP of Product.

This unique and user-friendly new tool was created to assist clients in discovering the tremendous talent accessible on Fiverr. It also allows them to learn about the many services and capabilities that can help them with their business or project demands. The feed’s content is chosen depending on the users’ most recent searches and purchases.

Users are not just exposed to content that is highly personal and relevant to them, but also content that can be complementary to what they’ve already looked at, according to the business.
“For more than a decade, freelancers all around the world have been creating astonishingly beautiful work to suit all types of needs for Fiverr customers”
– Markus added.

The following are some of the most important aspects of Inspire:

1. Authenticity – Showcases real deliveries and projects completed on the platform, as well as the wide range of skills freelancers, have to offer.

2. Visual Discovery – the product makes use of visually appealing material and follows the standard inspiration consumption process.

3. Personalization – content is shown to customers based on what they’ve previously searched for, purchased, or indicated an interest in.

4. Interactive and engaging – users may ‘like’ and save material to lists or mood boards for future reference as they go through their feed, further customizing the experience.

5. Exploration – Customers are exposed to content that is not only very personal and relevant to them but also content that can be complementary to what they’ve looked at and spark new ideas, thanks to native infinite exploration.

This news comes on the heels of Fiverr’s $95 million acquisition of Stoke Talent earlier this year, a platform that allows businesses to manage their freelance workforce. Stoke’s toolkit includes onboarding options for new freelancers, as well as the ability for employers to pay them through the platform and analyze their overall freelance spending.


The goal is to create tools that both tie those employers more closely into Fiverr’s freelance marketplace, Stoke will however remain independent, but the products will be integrated, allowing freelancers hired through Fiverr to be onboarded and paid through Stoke — and also tie Fiverr more deeply into how those companies work with freelancers in general, even if they are not sourced through Fiverr itself.

“On several levels, the Stoke acquisition made perfect sense” stated Micha Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Fiverr. “It supports Fiverr’s move upmarket and allows us to engage with much larger customers. He added that it allows Fiverr to offer software solutions to businesses that already have freelancers that they work with and can now manage them easily; It will enable Fiverr to pair its marketplace talent with large customers who need access to freelancers they still do not have a relationship with; It will give Fiverr access to the offline freelancing market that is still orders of magnitude larger, and the acquisition will allow Fiverr to pair its marketplace talent.

In a statement, Erez, who is the CEO of Stoke Talent, stated, “We share Fiverr’s belief that freelancing talent can help accelerate companies to new heights, both in terms of productivity and agility.” “This is an incredible opportunity to keep doing what we love on a much larger and broader platform.” We have the capacity to create an ecosystem with Fiverr where organizations can adopt a multichannel freelancer strategy and provide tools to easily manage not only freelance interaction on Fiverr’s marketplace but also freelancer engagement off of Fiverr’s marketplace. The two companies have significant synergies, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.”

Recall Fiverr also paid an unknown sum in October for Seattle-based online learning business CreativeLive, so that users can attend courses on video, photography, design, business, marketing, and more on CreativeLive, an entrepreneurial learning platform. Fiverr launched three- and six-month subscriptions earlier this year, expanding beyond project-based payments. Sellers on Fiverr can use this tool to offer a fixed set of labour each month. The buyer or seller can cancel the membership at any moment and not be charged for the remaining months.
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