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Twitter meltdown – An Elon Musk smartphone?

Since the arrival of the new boss at Twitter which is not up to a month, it’s been filled with drama. Elon Musk acquired Twitter on October 28 with the sum of $44 billion. Twitter has always made it to the headlines of the news, from massive layoffs to resignations, and more despite all this it hasn’t hindered the Twitter boss in slowing down the rate at which he drops tweets daily.

Since day one Twitter has always been recommended by app stores either Galaxy Store, Google Play store, or Apple store even across Microsoft store but now there is a huge chance that the app will be kicked out of these App stores soon. You might be wondering why this Application store wants to make these decisions, the reason is that the new changes Elon Musk made on Twitter might go against the policies of these application stores.

This is very risky if it should happen, I would say it is very disastrous for the company and Musk. He was questioned on Twitter about what he would do if that happened. The question was poised this way “What will you do if the Apple store and Google store kick Twitter out?” It was obvious Musk had a plan, he stated that “hopefully it does come to that, but if it was to happen, I will build my own smartphones”

That seems like a very huge task to build a smartphone, to go against other brands. To be frank, Musk is in no better position to invest in that. I really hope that the company won’t suffer a great loss under the new management as a lot has been lost including top officials’ resignations. Nevertheless, I also hope for stability within the company during this crisis.

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