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Start-ups: Orda raised $4.5 million in less than a year to digitalize African restaurants

Earlier this year, the food tech startup raised 1.1 million dollars in its pre-seed funding. The aim is to digitalize either small African-based restaurants or big restaurants via its cloud-based operating system. This idea was bought by many individuals and an additional 3.4 million dollars was raised for that purpose. In less than a year the startup raised 4.5 million dollars.

In a conversation with the top executive of the company, the primary function of the startup was emphasized. It was stated that “Orda plans to improve African-based restaurants to maximize the digital to increase their business operation.” “The startup also plans to improve in loans, credits and payment options in assisting clients in increasing their business value.”

The startup has a great plan to expand its reach to the pan-Africans and into South Africa then the Ivory Coast.

Several Investors participated in the seed funding. The seed sponsoring was jointly led by Quona Capital, an investor in emerging markets, and the New York-based Fintech Collective. Among the additional investors are newly formed venture capital firms like Outside VC and Far Out Ventures as well as established investors like LoftyInc Capital, Enza Capital, and the Norrsken Foundation.

Ofoworola Agbaje, the senior investment associate at Quona Capital, explained why her organization is supporting the food technology company. “It’s tremendously powerful when a restaurant owner switches from pen and paper to a completely automated digital platform.”

Agbaje stressed that she thinks a solution like Orda may have a huge influence on small and medium-sized eateries, as well as the livelihoods of individuals who run them.

Restaurants can simply manage their dine-in orders and sales from other channels thanks to Orda’s technology. With little to no internet, this works.

Bamidele Israel

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