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Indian Information Technology on wait and watch mode on Ukraine

Indian Information Technology is a large industry that Encompasses Information Technology Services, Consulting, and Outsourcing, which has also emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries in the Indian economy, with ratings exceeding over 50 percent in exportation and about 40 percent in the information Technology Industry over the past five years.

The evolution of Information Technology in India was started by Satyan “Sam” Pitroda who is an India Telecommunication Engineer Investors and also an Entrepreneur. He is referred to as the father of India’s Computer and Information Technology Revolutionary because he introduced Information Technology and computerization.


According to Report, Indian Information Technology has not been able to establish a large operation in Ukraine, before its crises with Russia despite having centres in places like Eastern European countries such as Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, they are already activated. A report released by HCL Technologies, which is one of Indians largest software Services Firm (3rd on their Rank) said it closely waiting and watching the current situation in specific delivery centres and regions.

HCL Technologies stated that they are working in order to ensure that their employee and Clients have dependency since the Russian attack against Ukraine. About 50,000 Tech workers and 20,000 Tech Freelancers in Ukraine have been greatly affected by these attacks. Which has also affected operations around Tech Firms Globally, Making the cyber risk at a high rate over the past 48 hours and have issued warnings to companies and firms to take a pause in their activities in order to prevent falling victims to cyber attacks.

NASSCOM has also come out to say it is in touch with its members to enlighten them that the effect of the Ukraine crisis, the previous feedback and response shows that the industry doesn’t have a relevant presence in Ukraine. The Chief Strategy Officer NASSCOM, “Sangeeta Gupta” stated that Eastern Europe is an important part of the global delivery Operations for companies and Business plans which are Kept in Place as a matter of abundant caution.

HCL Technologies said the safety of their employee is Paramount to them as they are doing all they can to focus on maintaining the highest service delivery levels for their client. Industries experts, also said Tech Companies in these regions tend to hire a large number of employees. Many of the information Technology employees have eloped the country, while some are sheltering in Various places.

News still going round that Ukraine is still prone to more attacks, as this is likely to remain the situation of thing. Various Amenities has been denied and cut off such as light, Roads been blocked and Air space closed to commercial air traffic’s. Therefore affecting lots of activities, disrupting their daily lives in Ukraine. Opening the country to the risk for possible Cyber attacks against crucial Infrastructures providers outside the Country.

The IGS said, Due to the current situation, the possibility of Cyberattacks against Companies and Firms is currently on the high side. The average time for these attacks is mostly more than 6 months meaning it’s likely some companies have been breached without them knowing.

It is advised that Enterprise should be alert, whether they use Eastern Europe Technology delivery or not, and ensure they follow necessary steps in safeguarding their information such as ensuring that their Technology and resources backup are ready and also available. Tighten and Create awareness of the Cyber risk.

Endeavour to open lines of communication with third party technology Providers.

Recheck Internal and external communication plan.

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