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Why cars ain’t rolling Airless Tires out yet?

The thought of cars rolling airless tires sounds super cool, but while we still basking in the euphoria of our imaginations, questions have been popping AIRLESS TIRES are yet to become a Norm in the automobile system.

It may interest you to know, that the possibility of this idea coming into existence, is yet a mind-blowing one. This is because the evolution of AIRLESS TIRES is about to erase the worries of driving and traveling to various remote locations automatically becomes fun and a hobby.

Finding it hard to grasp all, let’s break it down, When we talk about AIRLESS TIRES it simply means “There is No air in the tires and they can’t pop. Now the reality of things is will AIRLESS TIRES come into existence? Because this Discovery is still under study and experimentation, They are not the “Silver Bullet we hoped for. Having been around for quite a while we hope they should already be in use, but unfortunately Not yet, but very soon.

AIRLESS TIRES are also called NON-PNEUMATIC TIRES (NPTs) and are mainly found in lawnmowers, Military Vehicles, Golf carts and bicycles.


The reason is that the company’s manufacturing tires such as Goodyear and Michelin are finally looking forward to developing Airless Tires Technology for the passenger’s cars. They have been testing these technologies on TESLA MODEL 3 and AUTONOMOUS SHUTTLES.

To achieve yet another groundbreaking stride in this, Michelin is collaborating with GM to create its NPT called “UPTIS” also (Unique Puncture – Proof Tire System) with development of this New Technology, One of the obvious advantages is that the issue of having a flat tire will become a thing of the past and the days of ensuring you must have a spare tire goes extinct.

No more blowout or air loss failures that can cause road hazards. Creates more space in your car, than the one an extractive would occupy.

Reduces your car’s weight and boost your fuel efficiency.
And also Range in the case of EVs another amazing fact about AIRLESS TIRES are their durability eradicates the possibility of them ending up at a landfill and are also more environmentally friendly. The use of raw material for replacement tire or space tire production are been curtailed which enables significant environmental savings.


Just as the possibility and importance of Airless Tires sound in improving mobility and making life easier. It’s also important to not just assume that Non – Pneumatic Tires (Airless Tires) are indestructible.

In its discovery, without air, the heat created from the road friction can’t be dissipated which increases chances of overheating, damages or failure compared to normal tires.

AIRLESS TIRES have a large contact patch with an amazing road surface, which aids its rolling resistance leading to more push of the vehicles with high fuel consumption. They are also stuffed and because of their stiffness, they transmit more road irregularities into suspension, which sends in vibration to the driver in a situation of a bumpy or uncomfortable ride alerting the driver of the situation ahead.

The manufacturing Company has stated that when they are in motion the price tag becomes higher. But they are yet to disclose any market price, but given that the Tech is still nascent, it. means it wouldn’t be cheap when it eventually comes out.


Despite the challenges and obstacles in the way of mainstream NPT adoption. The two companies are still in their experimentation stages concerning airless tires.

According to Goodyear’s plan, the company is said to be envisioning 2030 to produce these tires. While Michelin is hoping it will launch its Airless Tires by 2024.

It is certainly no doubt that NPTs will catch on but one thing that should be put into consideration is that the price needs to be affordable and should be of the same range as Normal tires.

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