Russian State funded media blocked by Youtube

YouTube is an online Platform for public Communication which allows registered users to upload and allow public access to their videos, with over a trillion subscribers which approximately entertains about 140 views per individual, YouTube has become a means for an average individual to learn, and develop capacity without a formal education.

With Various social Media Platforms taking sanctions on Russia, YouTube has also joined the train as it says it will completely block YouTube Channels funded by the Russian Government. This came after blocking channels like RT and Sputnik in Europe this month stating that it would exit content about the Russian invasion of Ukraine that doesn’t permit, reduce or capitalize well documented violent events.

The verge said certain people could still access Livestreams from RT (a Channel which discovers YouTube Interface notes which is by the Russians). Due to this speculation, a tweet by YouTube Insider stated that “YouTube Community guidelines prohibit content denying, minimizing or trivializing well documented violent events. We are removing content about the Russian invasion in Ukraine that violates that policy. After these tweets, the confirmation of blocking the RT and Sputnik’s YouTube Channel was also released.

According to YouTube Insider, “today we began blocking RT and Sputnik YouTube channel across Europe since Russia began its invasion in Ukraine, we have been focused on removing violative content and connecting people to trusted News and Information”. An Overview of the steps we have taken the last few days.

YouTube insider also confirmed on Twitter that in line with the measure they had taken against Sputnik Youtube, they are also now blocking access to YouTube channels associated with Russian state-funded media globally, expanding from across Europe. This change is effective immediately, and we expect our systems to take time to ramp up.


The platform owned by Google has opened up that due to the Russian invasion they are ensuring they enact the violent events policy and violating material will be eliminated. YouTube Ads have been removed and has stretched it out to all the way and medium it makes money off the platform. According to Russian Media, all sanctions and restrictions enacted towards them by distributors are unjustified. Sputnik in his statement said that the blocking by YouTube is nothing but an Atrocious Attack affecting one of the fundamental principles of a democratic society which states freedom of the press. YouTube, therefore, has come out denying to specify the channels and how many of the channels have been restricted Globally or if they would ever be restored.

As the action to take additional punitive measures against Russian Channels are been propagated by Google workers, holding them responsible for sending false Narratives concerning the Ukrainian Leadership and their civilian loss of lives during the war. The United States Tech companies so far have taken measures to stop Russia’s Misinformation on their platforms. Currently, in Russia, Instagram has been removed, days after Meta had stated that it will allow calls for violence against Vladimir Putin and Russian soldiers who were involved in the invasion of Ukraine to be seen on the Ukrainian social media platforms. Which made the Russian Government block and further limit the Russian’s access to outside information concerning the war.

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