Samsung Galaxy S23 trademark colours leaked before launch date

Although the Samsung Galaxy S23 family of phones isn’t anticipated to launch until February, we’ve already heard a lot of rumours and leaks about these smartphones. The most recent information to reach us involves the handsets’ “signature colours.”

SamMobile, which has a solid track record of receiving information regarding Samsung goods in advance, claims this. These colours are known as the “signature” colours because they are frequently utilised in advertising and promotional materials.

According to reports, the Galaxy S23 regular will have green, the Galaxy S23 Plus will have light gold/pink gold, and the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have pink. All three handsets will also come in a variety of additional colours.

Launch rumours

The Galaxy S23 will go on sale on Wednesday, February 1st, according to a separate leak from renowned source Ice Universe. In terms of time zones, South Korea, where Samsung is headquartered, is much ahead of Europe and the US. When you consider everything, a Galaxy Unpacked event in South Korea on February 1 in the evening would make the most sense.

Although this latter date may relate to when the phones will go on sale rather than when they are initially unveiled, there have been conflicting claims regarding this launch date. Other sources claimed that later in February was more plausible.

Similar design, improved internals

And everything we’ve heard about the Samsung Galaxy S23 is not certain until Samsung releases the actual products, but when you combine all the reports, it doesn’t appear like much is changing between the 2023 and 2022 handset improvements, at least in terms of the design of the phones.

The styles and setup of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra are already apparent in fake devices, and they are strikingly similar to the phones that came before them. The regular and Plus models, however, may have taken inspiration from the Ultra’s extruded camera design.

The Galaxy S23 series will feature updated Snapdragon and potentially Exynos chips, so everything should function more efficiently than ever. As a result, we will notice changes on the inside. The newest version of Android is likely to be installed on the phones’ software side. The Samsung Galaxy S23 may emulate the iPhone 14 in some areas, such as satellite connectivity, which provides customers with a fallback option in case Wi-Fi and cellular connections are unavailable. Meanwhile, we should see better-than-ever pictures and videos from the back cameras.

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