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TikTok now has landscape videos

The TikTok video-sharing app has begun testing a new landscape mode with a small group of users worldwide.

According to some experts, the feature will enable it to challenge competing video services like YouTube. TikTok is currently the fastest-growing social media platform in the world because of viral videos shot in portrait mode. Conversely, there have recently been calls for its outlaw nation in nations like the US and Australia because of claims that it poses a threat to the security of the nation.

TikTok announced that it would offer videos up to 10 minutes long this year. Prior to this, the Chinese-owned site only permitted videos that were three minutes or less in duration.

TikTok has been expanding into YouTube territory for some time, with the longer version of 10-minute videos, and routinely outranks YouTube among a younger population, according to Paul Triolo, a technology analyst at the Albright Stonebridge Group consultancy. A full-screen mode would be preferable here since the intended target appears to be a more sophisticated one who watches educational and informative videos on YouTube.

TikTok will become more appealing to content creators thanks to the new feature, according to Carolina Milanesi, head of the consultancy The Heart of Tech.


Shorts have significantly increased YouTube’s recent engagement, and she stated that TikTok must be concerned that producers may start using YouTube for at least some of their content.

Meanwhile, senior lecturer at the University of Sydney Jonathon Hutchinson is optimistic about the future of both TikTok and YouTube. According to him, YouTube has substantially higher production quality and it takes viewers longer to adopt than aesthetics.

TikTok will continue to be the go-to independent filmmaking platform for creating shorter and possibly more interesting material. With approximately four billion downloads, TikTok is the most widely used app among young people worldwide.

In several nations, the app has been the subject of considerable scrutiny. TikTok was recommended to be banned by US politicians this week due to worries over national security. The bill is the most recent action taken in the US against the platform, which is controlled by ByteDance, a major Chinese technology company. Australia and other nations have heard calls to outlaw TikTok, and Taiwan recently attempted to outlaw it on public devices. 2020 saw India ban it due to a conflict with the military.

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